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All the hoops in this collection measure 6” in diameter and have been printed onto cotton poplin, before being stitched with a mixture of cotton, silk and synthetic threads. The majority of the beads are Miyuki seed beads, with a mixture of semi precious stones and freshwater pearl accents.

About this Project

Chloe - “Working with Emily on this project was a real pleasure, mainly because I love her work and she’s such an amazing person, but also because both went into it with zero expectations. After creating the initial abstractions I had the privilege of being able to hand over the images, sit back, relax and look forward to seeing what Emily came up with. Safe to say, she did not disappoint.

Working with the dye pigments is equal parts exciting and challenging - you have both the freedom and the frustration of limited control. I found that rather than try and achieve a specific effect or colour palette, it was more successful to cast a wide net (so to speak), then hone in on the most interesting areas. I might have covered a whole sheet of A3 in water and dye, but only ended up selecting an area the size of a post-it note. The areas that then became the backgrounds for the embroidery usually highlight some interesting effect that can only be created by water. Whether it’s the outline of a splash, or the way two colours blend depending on how quickly the surface dries, all these little abstractions are unique not only to the medium but that exact combination. It’s impossible to recreate the same effect twice - believe me, I’ve tried!

To have my 2D images transformed into objects which can be held, reflect light, have texture and depth is so wonderful - I can’t thank Emily enough for the opportunity to create something together. It is very special indeed.”

Emily - “ Chloe has been at the top of my list of artists to work with for the longest time, but when she started experimenting with inks I knew straight away that I wanted us to work on a full series together.

This process has been totally refreshing - I think the last four years of my work I’ve become quite stagnant with my creative ideas and this was an opportunity to work completely out of my comfort zone.. I had no expectations of how I wanted the pieces to turn out, but I did make a conscious effort to lean towards colours I wouldn’t ordinarily work with (including some brighter beads that I’ve never used before! I honestly couldn’t be happier with the results, working with someone else’s starting blocks for a piece was absolutely an exercise in trust - that definitely paid off.

Overall, the whole process with Chloe has been a dream from start to finish and I know already that this won’t be the last time we work on something together!“